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“The future of organisations is the growth of the people in them”

Νίκος Κίτσιος, Human Resources Manager, ALPLA Group
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“Η διοίκηση με ενσυναίσθηση στην εποχή μετά την πανδημία”

Μαίρη Ασλανίδη, Manager HR Greece, Hemmersbach Hellas
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Ιnclusion & Diversity: Ήρθε η ώρα να περάσουμε απο τις ευχές στην πράξη

Γιώργος Παρτσακουλάκης, Director People & Culture -EU South East Cluster, Philip Morris International
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“Rethinking learning in the new world of work”

Σταυρούλα Παπαδοπούλου, Head of Learning, Eurobank
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“Learning in the era of remote”

Τάκης Μόρφης, Managing Partner, Dynargie Greece
Γιώργος Μωραΐτης, Country Manager, Dynargie Greece
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“Lidl Digital Learning Journey – Empowering Leadership”

Νίκος Χατζηνικολάου, Head of Learning and Development, Lidl Hellas
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“Putting an “I” in learning”

Μαρία Κούκου, People Development & Services Manager WIND
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“Investing in Employee Well-Being. Τhe new era of multi-benefit systems”

Μαρία Βερούχη, Marketing & CX Director, Edenred Greece
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“A successful opening during the Covid-19 period”

Ελένη Τσιτεμίδου, HR Manager, GUIDEPOINT
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“Is your workforce ‘fit for the future’?”

Κατερίνα Βουρλογιάννη, Talent Development Director, LHH
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“Mindful leadership και wellbeing”

Μυρτώ Λεγάκη, Founder, One Breath Mindfulness Center
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“The next day- a kind of restart and sense of meaning & clear direction for all”

Βιβή Αποστόλου, HR Manager, Kyvernitis Group
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“Shaping & Celebrating our Corporate Values”

Έφη Μήλα, Head of HR, Melissa Kikizas
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” Η πρόκληση των προσλήψεων ή πως να αυξήσεις τον αριθμό των εργαζομένων κατά 50%”

Γιώργος Παυλάκος, HR Director, WATT AND VOLT
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“Πρακτικές επιλογής προσωπικού”

Νίκος Μπούτας, HR Director, ELTRAK Group Of Companies
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“#SafetyFirst #PeopleFirst (learnings from COVID and implementation to life after COVID)”

Γιώργος Φίλτσος, HR Strategy Manager, Kaizen
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“Promotion from within: A powerful and agile HR practice”

Ρένια Κρεμαλή, HR Director, Saracakis Group of Companies
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“HR Agility and Adaptability methods in times of crisis. When business continuity becomes measurable”

Βίκυ Μισαηλίδου, HR Manager Greece, France & Spain, ITT Inc
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“A different kind of agility”

Έλενα Σκαρπαθιώτη, Head Of Human Resources, Hellenic Financial Stability Fund
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“ΕΣΠΑ: Εξ αποστάσεως εργασία και ψυχολογική υποστήριξη”

Μαριέλλα Σακελλαρίου, Προϊσταμένη Τομέα Υπηρεσιών Διοίκησης και Ανάπτυξης Ανθρώπινου Δυναμικού, ΜΟΔ
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“HR Director at O.E.K.E.N. YouR.Edu”

Χρύσα Οικονόμου, Director of Human Resources, OEKEN-YouR.Edu
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“Restructuring and Employee Retention”

Θεοδώρα Αισώπου, Director, People and Culture, OKTO
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